The Accounting Major is designed to prepare students for gainful employment in business and industrial accounting positions in three main areas: private organizations, governmental agencies and public accounting firms. The aim of the program is to educate the student in the design, maintenance and utilization of a financial system. Emphasis on accounting systems and analysis of financial data from the managerial point of view constitutes a valuable part of the curriculum. In addition, much emphasis is placed on solving and setting up accounting problems utilizing popular computer software. Students will utilize an integrated accounting software program which simulates various business operations and employ tax software while preparing returns. Students completing work in the Accounting Program are granted an Associate Degree in Accounting.

I loved Rhodes State. I learned so much from the concentrated courses in my major. I believe my instructors did a fantastic job in helping me to achieve and believe in my chosen profession. The reasonable tuition was a major factor in choosing Rhodes State. I feel I received great quality instruction for a very reasonable price. I had wonderful instructors who helped me along the way. Without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you so much!

Melissa A. Young, CPA
M.A. Hoops & Associates
Certified Public Accountants

Attending Rhodes State enabled me to pursue a rewarding career in accounting. My classes at Rhodes State were very affordable and were taught by quality instructors.

Rosemary Spearman
E. S. Evans & Co.

While attending Rhodes State, I was equipped with the knowledge and learning skills necessary to adequately prepare me for a career in a public accounting firm. My experiences at Rhodes enabled me to learn from teachers/professors who have real-world applications and knowledge of the material being taught; which in turn gave me the confidence and know-how to successfully sit for and pass the CPA Exam on my first attempt.  I am now a licensed CPA in Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky. I have been able to accomplish several goals, thanks to Rhodes's flexible scheduling, all with a young child and while working. Thank you James A. Rhodes State College!

Bobbie Jean Arebalo-Agler, CPA
Barr, Anderson, & Roberts, PSC
Lexington, KY 

I really enjoyed my time at Rhodes State College. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet some great professors, including the Dean of Business & Public Services, who taught me the skills and knowledge of the Accounting profession. I was taught "by the book" skills, and also life skills, which are a part of my everyday life. Since graduation, I was able to obtain a job a week after I graduated!

John N. White
Student Financial Services Advisor
Brown Mackie College (EDMC) – Findlay