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All kits $49 with scheduled pickup or an additional $25 per kit to ship.

Introducing the Buddy Box

For families who may have more than one child at home, there's no need to purchase two of the same box! With a buddy box add-on, multiple children can utilize the main kit contents and activity sheets, but each have their own specialty item(s). Buddy Boxes only cost $29 making the total purchase $78.

Grades 2-4

Down to a Science

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Discover a fun way to explore the world of science. Grow stalactite crystals, make your own magnetic or Styrofoam slime, burn steel wool without flame, or discover the different powers of density.

  • Lava Lamp
  • Jelly Droplets
  • Stunning Stalactite
  • Steel Wool Experiment
  • Magnetic Slime
  • Hot Ice
  • Super Bouncing Bubbles
  • Fizzing Slime
  • Density Experiment
  • Styrofoam Slime

Minute to Win It

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How many marshmallows can you move with chopsticks? Can you move a cotton ball with your nose? Or balance dice on a stick? Challenge your body and brain with these quick- but not easy - games! Compete against yourself to beat your record or against your friends!

  • One Minute Timer
  • A Bit Dicey
  • Cookie Face
  • Nose Dive
  • Paper Scraper
  • Puzzle Mania
  • Yank Me
  • Don't Blow It
  • Noodling Around
  • Sushi Party
  • Stack Attack
  • Speed Eraser
  • Pop Top

Experimentation Food Science

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Kids in the kitchen conducting different experiments - discovering how different edible ingredients react to each other! From edible slime to electric cornstarch these activities will show just how everyday foods can transform with a few steps.

  • Edible Slime
  • Glow in the dark Jello
  • Sorbet in a Bag
  • Candy Chromatography
  • Fizzy Sherbet
  • Stained Glass
  • Water Bubble
  • Kool Aid Crystals
  • Electric Cornstarch

Grades 5-8

Exploring Engineering

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Discover how things are made, build critical thinking and problem solving skills, and learn math and science through these building activities.

  • Building Bridges
  • Hydraulic Elevator
  • Squishy Circuits
  • Design a Catapult
  • Slender Tower Challenge
  • Strongest Shapes
  • Pringles Ring
  • Propeller Powered Car
  • Simple Pneumatic Machine

Anatomy 101

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Curious about how the body works? Explore the body's systems and the gross anatomy inside, how the body's muscles work, and create your own lung in a bottle.

  • Squishy Human Model
  • Make a Robotic Hand
  • Lung Creation
  • Label The Heart
  • Skeleton Muscle Playdoh
  • Circulatory System Color and Label
  • Playdoh Anatomy Creation
  • Muscle System Labels

Nature Heroes with Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park District

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You can be a Nature Hero! Explore nature around your home and be amazed with what you can find! Learn about what nature needs to survive, including food, water, shelter, and baby nurseries. Then improve the habitat in your yard and watch the beneficial wildlife flourish!

  • Nature Journal
  • Habitat Inspection
  • Tree Identification
  • Moth Survey
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Bird Feeder
  • Wildlife Water Station
  • Field Sifter
  • Brush Pile
  • Bee Nursery

Outside the Lines

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Dive into the thrilling world of various forms of art making! Bring out your creative side! Uniqueness is key in this kit as you take an adventure through all things art and crafts.

  • Loom Art
  • Jewelry Bead Making
  • Dream Catcher
  • Shrinky Dink
  • String Art
  • Tie Dye Shirt
  • Paper Quilling
  • Scratch Art

Currently we also have a limited number of our Summer camp kits available

Grades 2-4: Jurassic World, Lego World, Ooey Gooey Eruptions & Children's Art Studio

Grades 5-8: Drones and Rockets, Cool Chemistry, Art Studio & CSI: Rhodes State

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