Life and Physical Sciences Building


Dedicated in 1999, the Life and Physical Sciences Building, is a 90,000 square foot structure that houses several classrooms, the Math/Science/Engineering Skills Center, faculty offices, the Academic Success Center, the biology, chemistry and physics laboratories, and Multimedia Productions. The building features the latest in chemistry, biology, physics and geology labs where students can discover the wonders of science. The working greenhouse on the top floor and a geology museum on the first complement the faculty offices, classrooms, seminar rooms, lecture halls and laboratories. LepoWorks Inc. created the sculptural entryway with rotating prisms on the west side of the building. 


Lab Hours

Main Lab - 120 (pdf)

Lab/Classroom 220 (pdf)

Lab/Classroom 228 (pdf)

Additional Resources

Biology Lab – Room 222
Chemistry – Room 321 & 365
Geology Lab – Room 112
Lecture Halls
Faculty Offices
Faculty Services