Academic Affairs

The College is made up of five divisions, including:

Arts & Sciences
Allied Health
Business and Public Service
Information Technology and Engineering Technology

All divisions uphold the following vision, mission and values within instruction:

To kindle a passion for learning.

ACADEMIC Mission Statement
The Academic Division fosters the professional and intellectual growth of students and faculty by offering contemporary curricula that are taught by qualified faculty comprised of lifelong learners who provide a supportive environment intended to develop critical thinking, an appreciation of global diversity and the capacity for life-long learning.

ACADEMIC Commitment to Assessment
Rhodes State College is committed to graduating students who are skilled professionals and meaningful contributors to their communities.  To fulfill this commitment, the College systematically assesses student learning outcomes in order to improve learning and instruction.  Program assessment of learning assures students, employers, and the community that Rhodes State College graduates possess the skills needed to perform competently in the workplace. Additionally, assessment of General Education affirms that graduates possess the needed skills and abilities to act as life-long learners and quality contributors to their communities.