E-Portfolio Courses


The following courses are designated as "portfolio" courses at Rhodes State. All students enrolled in designated courses will submit writing samples to Rhodes State’s electronic portfolio database. Six writing assignments are designated for each academic major in the following courses: (a) SDE-1010, (b) COM-1110; (c) PSY-1010 or SOC-1010; (d) a paper written in a course early in the student’s technical program; (e) a paper written in a course late in the student’s technical program; and (f) a self growth essay addressing global and diversity awareness while taking the capstone course experience. Technical information on the submission process will be provided by faculty members while taking the course.  

Arts & Sciences Division

Associate of Arts

PSY-1010 or SOC-1010, COM-1110, COM-2820
HST-1610 (second year programmatic course)

Associate of Science

PSY-1010 or SOC-1010, COM-1110, BIO-2820
HST-1610 (second year programmatic course)

Business, Technology and Public Service Division

Accounting ACC 1020, ACC 2111 and ACC 2401
Law Enforcement LAW 1540 and LAW 2530
Human Services HUM 1100, HUM 2170 and HUM 2520
Business Admin MGT 1010, MGT 2000 and MGT 2490
Business Management MGT 1010, MGT 2000 and MGT 2900
Marketing MKT 1010, MKT 2110, MKT 2210 and MKT 2520
Human Resources MGT 1010, MGT 2435 and MGT 2530
Web Programming/Computer Programming CPT 1050, CPT 2210, CPT 2350 and CPT 2400
Digital Media CPT 1050, CPT 2350 and CPT 2900
Network Security CPT 1705, CPT 2715 and CPT 2965
Executive Administrative Assistant AOT 1230 and AOT 2980

Civil Engineering

Concrete Technology CET 1120, CET 2210, CET 2220 and CET 2540
Environmental, Health & Safety ENV 1000 and ENV 2970

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering Technology EET 1330, EET 2310 and EET 2530

Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering Technology MET 1110, FMS 2130 and MET 2970
Mechanical Engineering Technology MET 1110, MET 2210 and MET 2970

Health Sciences Division

Dental Hygiene DHY 1521, DHY 2540, and DHY 2661
Emergency Medical EMS 1200, EMS 1202, and EMS 2260
Medical Assisting MAT 1010, MAT 2010, and MAT 2510
Occupational Therapy Assistant OTA 1010, OTA 2150, and OTA 2200
Physical Therapist Assistant PTA 1100, PTA 2100, and PTA 2230
Radiographic Imaging RAD 1310, RAD 2220, and RAD 2490
Respiratory Care RES 1010, RES 2510, and RES 2110
Registered Nursing NSG 1522 and NSG 2525