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Orientation Course

First Year Experience Course

  1. What is the purpose of the orientation course?

    SDE-1010 First Year Experience contains essential information about the College as well as information on assessment of student learning. Moreover, the course will explain the electronic portfolio submission process.
  2. Who will be required to take the course?

    All new students are required to take the one credit hour offering as a general college requirement. Students will take it during their first two terms at Rhodes State College.
  3. Is the orientation course required for graduation?

    Yes. The course must be taken to satisfy graduation requirements from Rhodes State.  Additionally, you will submit an e-portfolio assignment on diversity as a requirement for successful completion of SDE-1010.
  4. When should the course be taken?

    The course should be taken as early as possible, preferably your first term of attendance at the college.
  5. In what format will the course be offered?

    The course can be taken in a traditional classroom setting or a distance learning option is available.