Current Students

Please view an electronic copy of the Student Guide to Accommodative Services

Student Checklist

The Student Guide to Accommodative Services contains an easy-to-follow Checklist for students to use to ensure they are following the Accommodative Services processes.

Student Responsibilities

When requesting accommodations, your responsibilities include:

  • Provide any requested documentation from a qualified professional that identifies the nature of your disability and how it substantially impacts a major life activity.
  • Pay for any medical/psychological assessments and/or record request fees.
  • Request your accommodations each term you choose to use them; meet with Accommodative Services if you want to update your approved accommodations.
  • Follow the accommodation procedures as described in this guide.
  • Remind instructors of testing accommodations prior to testing; schedule appointments in the Testing Center if necessary.
  • Communicate early with each of your instructors regarding your accommodation needs, and provide them with your current Accommodation Letter each semester.
  • Maintain standards of satisfactory academic progress and behavior on campus as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct. Violations of the Code of Student Conduct will result in penalties that apply to all students, regardless of disability.
  • Attend courses regularly. Attendance is not a possible accommodation provided by the College. It is the student’s responsibility to contact instructors about missed classes.

Registering for Classes

When it is time to register for classes for the upcoming term, there are various options that allow you to complete registration. If you choose to use the regular registration process, you may do so online through STARS or in-person with an academic advisor.

Students who are eligible for accommodations and services through Accommodative Services may qualify for priority registration. You will be required to complete a Priority Registration form and turn it in to Accommodative Services prior to the start of general registration. Accommodative Services will send these forms to you, along with instructions, via postal mail 30 days prior to the priority registration deadline.

Creating a Class Schedule

Please consider these matters prior to registering for classes:

  • What time of the day do the classes meet?
  • How often do the classes meet?
  • Can you handle back-to-back classes or do you need breaks?
  • Is your course work balanced so that you can avoid an overload?
  • Is there a type of work that is affected by your disability (i.e. if you have a LD in reading, can you handle three classes that involve a considerable amount of reading)?
  • If you have energy limitations or mobility impairments, can you get to your next class on time?
  • Accommodative Services is not an Academic Advisor, but can assist in balancing course loads to better address disability needs.