Coronavirus Update

All college departments are operational. Click the Reopening the Physical Campus Slider below for more information.

Course Listings

You can easily search for online and blended courses using Class Schedule Search. Simply follow the link to STARS Online.

  1. Select Class Schedule link and click Submit.

  2. Choose the term in which you want to attend, then click Submit.

  3. On the Class Schedule Search page the only field you need to complete is Subject. You may choose several subjects to search. You have the option to complete any of the other fields, but that is not necessary.

  4. Once you are ready click on Class Search.

Click on Class Search:

The next screen will show all the course sections associated with the information selected.

Class Search Step

If You Want an Online Course Section:

look for 900-949 course sections.

If You Want a Blended Course:

look for 950+ course sections.

How to Use STARS Online:

  • Please use this tutorial if you need further help using STARS Online.

  • Click here to watch a video on How to Register for Classes Using STARS Online.