Delivery Methods


Accommodate your busy schedule by utilizing online courses. In most cases, online classes are completely online, which means students do not need to come to campus. Instead, we've designed an online environment which allows our faculty members to interact with students through the use of an internet browser. Students submit regular assignments including homework, projects and papers, through a web interface. Most courses also integrate secure online exams.

Online courses provide access to education through the use of a course management system which supports regular and substantive interaction between the instructor and students. Online courses allow students to learn at home, at work or on campus by combining e-mail, textbook and online course material with voice mail support. Some online courses are supplemented by a course information packet, study guide, and/or textbook that is available either in hard copy or online.

Assignments are usually submitted online, but in some cases may be delivered, faxed, or mailed to the instructor’s office. Some online courses require on-campus or proctored exams and/or labs. The instructors are available online, by telephone, or in person during office hours to assist students. Online courses must be completed during the semester in which the student is registered to attend the course.


Blended courses allow students to participate in both face-to-face classroom instruction and supplemental instruction from a distance, often using 2-way audio, 2-way video conferencing equipment. In blended courses, students are expected to alternately attend regularly scheduled class or lab periods on campus and work independently from a distance. Supplemental course work may consist of video, online, podcast, webcast or self-directed instruction. Specific information regarding the supplemental course instruction is given to students during the scheduled class period. Blended courses must be completed during the term in which the student is registered to attend the course. The online course management system will support regular and substantive communication with the instructor and fellow students. On-site or proctored exams are required.