Smoking Cessation Resources

Allen County Smoking Cessation Resoursces

Coping Strategies
2444 Cable Court, Lima
Hypnosis for smoking cessation as well as cessation counseling and therapy.
Clinical Neuropsychological Services, Inc.
1045 Mackenzie Drive, Lima
Counseling for nicotine addiction.
Lima Memorial Health Systems
1001 Bellefontaine Avenue, Lima
Cessation counseling available upon request by the Respiratory Care Department in individual sessions.
Blanchard Valley Health System
Bluffton Hospital

139 Garau Street, Bluffton
419.369.2309 or 419.230.4052
Individual counseling, inpatient lecture, and pamphlets. Youth advisement available.

Websites and Self Help Materials

Ohio Tobacco Quit Line

Whether you are thinking about quitting, are not yet ready to quit, or have already quit, this online support program can help you with each step of the way.
QuitLine: 1.800.QUIT-NOW (784.4872) The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line is Ohio's FREE tobacco quit line counseling service for those who are ready to end their tobacco addiction.
American Lung Association
Help Line: 1.800.LUNG.USA (586.4872)
This website offers resources to help smokers figure out their reasons for quitting and then take the big step of quitting for good.

American Cancer Society

Quitting tobacco is not easy, but it can be done. Whether you're a smoker, someone who uses smokeless tobacco, or just someone trying to help a friend or loved one.

Become an Ex

The EX Plan is a free quit smoking program that can show you a whole new way to think about quitting. It is based on personal experiences from ex-smokers as well as the latest scientific research from experts at Mayo Clinic. is intended to help you or someone you care about quit smoking. Different people need different resources as they try to quit.

Anthem Community Resources

Live Tobacco Free (through EAP) Online and phone coaching Online program is 10 sessions Phone or instant messageing: self-paced
Health Assistant Health Assistant is your very own virtual advisor. When you sign up, you can fill out a detailed questionnaire about your health and Health Assistant will suggest health goals for you based on your health status. Or, you can go directly to the list of goals without filling out the questionnaire. Health Assistant will help you make positive changes in these areas: weight loss, nutrition, exercise, quitting smoking or tobacco use, stress management, emotional health You then choose activities and weekly targets to help you, step-by-step, meet your overall goal. Your Health Assistant tracks your progress and gives you encouragement along the way. Plus you receive a wealth of information to guide you.
Free Preventative Physical Exams Aortic aneurysm screening (men who have smoked) Screening and behavioral counseling related to tobacco use including tobacco cessation products
Living Lean or Living Easy

Get a 30-day guest pass, then 40% discount on Living Lean or Living Easy online, to help you lose weight, stop smoking, manage stress or face an alcohol problem.