Transfer Assurance Guides

Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) comprise Transfer Module courses and additional courses required for an academic major. A TAG is an advising tool to assist Ohio university and community and technical college students planning specific majors to make course selections that will ensure comparable, compatible, and equivalent learning experiences across the state’s higher-education system. A number of area-specific TAG pathways in the arts, humanities, business, communication, education, health, mathematics, science, engineering, engineering technologies, and the social sciences have been developed by faculty teams.

TAGs empower students to make informed course selection decisions and plans for their future transfer. Advisors at the institution to which a student wishes to transfer should also be consulted during the transfer process. Students may elect to complete the full TAG or any subset of courses from the TAG. Because of specific major requirements, early identification of a student’s intended major is encouraged.

Rhodes State College courses which meet the Transfer Assurance Guides
SubjNumberCourse TitleType
ACC 1010 Corporate Accounting Principle TAG
ACC 1020 Managerial Acct'g Principles TAG
BET 1120 Physics I TAG
BET 1130 Physics II TAG
BHS 1390 Medical Terminology TAG
BUS 2100 Business Law TAG
COM 1160 Business Communications TAG
COM 2110 Public Speaking TAG
DTN 1000 Basic Nutrition TAG
ECN 1410 Macro Economics TAG
ECN 1430 Micro Economics TAG
EDU 1000 Introduction to Education TAG/CTAG
EDU 1050 Introductory Child Development TAG
EDU 2030 Individuals w/Exceptionalities TAG
EDU 2130 Families, Comm. & schools TAG
EET 1110 Circuit Analysis I TAG
EET 1120 Circuit Analysis II TAG
EET 1130 Electronics TAG
EET 1330 Digital Circuits TAG
EET 2310 Microcontroller Fundamentals TAG
HST 1011 Western Civilization I TAG
HST 1012 Western Civilization II TAG
HST 1610 American History to 1877 TAG
HST 1620 American History Since 1877 TAG
LIT 2301 British Literature I TAG
MED 1000 Eng. Graphics with AutoCAD TAG
MED 2440 Computer Aided Design TAG
MET 1020 Material Science TAG
MET 1110 Manufacturing Processes TAG
MET 1130 Statics TAG
MET 2210 Strength of Materials TAG
MET 2310 Fluid Power TAG
MKT 1010 Principles of Marketing TAG
MKT 2110 Advert. and Sales Promotion TAG
MTH 2660 Calculus III TAG
MTH 2670 Differential Equations TAG
MTH 2680 Elementary Linear Algebra TAG
POL 1010 Intro to Political Science TAG pending
PSY 1010 General Psychology TAG
PSY 1730 Abnormal Psychology TAG pending
PSY 2200 Social Psychology TAG
PSY 2301 Educational Psychology TAG pending
SOC 1010 Sociology TAG
SOC 1210 Family Sociology TAG
SOC 1320 American Cultural Diversity TAG
SOC 2300 Social Problems TAG