Transfer Modules

Rhodes State College Transfer Module

To complete the Transfer Module, students should accumulate 36-40 semester hours as specified
in the following areas. Advisors should assist the students in selection of the courses according
to the students’ educational goals.

English Composition
Select English Composition and one course from Category II, for a minimum of 6 hours.


COM-1110English Composition (3 hr)


COM-1140 Technical Writing (3 hr)
COM-1160 Business Communications (3 hr)
COM-1200 Writing in the Sciences (3 hr)
COM-2110 Public Speaking (3 hr)
COM-2400 Composition and Literature (3 hr)

Select a minimum of 3 hours.

MTH-1190 Finite Mathematics/Business (3 hr)
MTH-1370 College Algebra (4 hr) TMM001
MTH-1430 Trigonometry (3 hr) TMM003
MTH-1711 Calculus I (5 hr) TMM005
MTH-1721 Calculus II (5 hr) TMM006
MTH-2660 Calculus III (4 hr) OMT018
MTH-2670 Differential Equations (4 hr) OMT020
MTH-2680 Elementary Linear Algebra (4 hr) OMT019

Select a minimum of 6 hours (at least one from each category).


LIT-2210 Introduction to Literature (3 hr)
LIT-2250 The American Short Story (3 hr)
LIT-2260 Fantasy Literature (3 hr)
LIT-2301 British Literature I (3 hr)
LIT-2310 Literature and the Holocaust (3 hr)
LIT-2450 Themes in Literature and Film (3 hr)


HST-1610 American Civilization to 1877 (3 hr)
HST-1620 American Civilization Since 1877 (3 hr) - pending
HST-2300 Connections: Technology and Civilization (3 hr)

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Select a minimum of 6 hours (at least one from each category).


HST-2510 The History of Latin America (3 hr)
POL-1010 Introduction to Political Science (3hr)
SOC-1010 Sociology (3 hr)
SOC-1200 Death and Dying (3hr)
SOC-1210 Family Sociology (3 hr)
SOC-1320 American Cultural Diversity (3 hr)
SOC-2300 Social Problems (3 hr)


PSY-1010 General Psychology (3 hr)
PSY-1730 Abnormal Psychology (3 hr)
PSY-2150 Lifespan Psychology (3 hr)
PSY-2200 Social Psychology (3 hr)
PSY-2301 Educational Psychology (3 hr)

Natural and Physical Sciences
Select a minimum of 6 hours. At least one of the selected courses must be a laboratory course with one laboratory meeting each week.

BET-1120 Physics I (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
BET-1130 Physics II (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
BIO-1090 Concepts in Biology (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
BIO-1110 Anatomy and Physiology I (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
BIO-1120 Anatomy and Physiology II (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
BIO-1400 Microbiology (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
CHM-1110 Introductory General Chemistry (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)
CHM-1120 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry (4 hr)
(3 hr lecture/2 hr lab)

Ohio's Transfer Module

Institutional Transfer

The Ohio Board of Regents, following the directive of the Ohio General Assembly, has developed a statewide policy to facilitate movement of students and transfer credits from one Ohio public college or university to another. The purpose of the State Policy is to avoid duplication of course requirements and to enhance student mobility throughout Ohio’s higher education system. Since independent colleges and universities in Ohio may or may not be participating in the transfer policy, students interested in transfer­ring to an independent institution are encouraged to check with the college or university of their choice regarding transfer agreements.

Transfer Module

The Ohio Board of Regents’ Transfer and Articulation Policy established the Transfer Module, which is a specific subset of the entire set of a college or university’s general education require­ments. The Transfer Module contains 54-60 quarter hours or 36-40 semester hours of specified course credits in English composition and public speaking, mathematics, fine arts, humanities, social science, behavioral science, natural science, physical science and interdisciplinary coursework.

A transfer module completed at one college or university will automatically meet the requirements of the transfer module at the receiving institution, once the student is accepted. Students may be required, however, to meet additional general education require­ments that are not included in the Transfer Module.