Services Provided

  • ID’s – Faculty, Staff and Students

    Office hours for college ID photos are Monday-Friday 8:00 am-8:00 pm. Special arrangements for Nursing Students, EMT Clinical, and Faculty can be arranged by contacting the Security department or emailing the list of students and or faculty to the Supervisor of Public Safety and Security. As a reminder all students, staff and faculty wishing to obtain a Rhodes State ID must present a state picture ID: Driver’s License or State Issued ID.


  • Jump-starts

    The security department will assist anyone needing to jump start their vehicle. When calling for a jump start the officer will need to know to following information: Location of the vehicle (which lot), make and model of the vehicle, color of the vehicle. They will also probably ask you to lift the hood of the vehicle so that it makes it easier for them to find the vehicle. You will be asked to complete a release of liability form and then the security officer will assist you in getting your vehicle started.
  • Lock-outs

    The security department has various tools which can be used to unlock vehicles where the owner has locked the keys inside. Believe it or not this happens quite often so if you have had the misfortune of locking your keys in your car give the security office a call and someone will come out and attempt to unlock your vehicle. The officers are normally pretty good at getting the car
    unlocked but there may be an occasion where we can’t get the car unlocked and we would assist you in calling AAA or a locksmith if we are unable to unlock the car. Again when calling the officer they will need to know where the car is, what type of car, model of the car if known, and whether or not you have power door locks. Again you will be asked to complete a release of liability form and once that is completed the officer will attempt to unlock your car.


  • Escorts

    The Rhodes State/OSU-Lima campus security department will provide escorts to any person who wishes to be escorted from a building or location to their car. This service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Simply call the security office. The security officer will walk with you from the building to your vehicle with you. We no longer provide rides from a building to your car.


  • Notification of Campus Alerts

    The campus security department assists in issuing notifications to the campus community in accordance with the established policies and procedures under the direction of the Vice President of Business, the President of Rhodes State College and the Dean of the Ohio State University at Lima.


  • Crime Prevention Tips

    The security department works with other departments on campus to provide students, faculty and staff with crime prevention tips. The department may from time to time offer crime prevention seminars for the students, faculty and staff.


        - Never travel alone at night. Groups of two or more are preferred.
        - If you have a cell phone, talk on it even if no one is on the line.
        - Call the Office of Safety and Security for a security escort.
        - Avoid interaction with suspicious persons or someone you don't know.
        - Avoid dark or secluded places. (i.e. unlit alleys, perimeters of parking lots.)
        - Trust your instincts. Your personal intuition is the best defense against an attack.
        - Keep vehicle door locked at all times.


        - Never leave your vehicle running or leave the keys in it unattended.
        - Always lock your vehicle.
        - If equipped, remember to use your vehicle's alarm at all times.
        - Do not ignore a vehicle alarm. Call the security office immediately.
        - Do not leave valuables (i.e. cell phones, purses, CD's, laptops) in plain view inside your vehicle. 
          Keep these items in the trunk.


        - Be alert! Never leave personal items unattended.
        - Never leave a personal item in a public area.
        - Never leave your vehicle unlocked when returning to your room.
        - Never leave your dorm room unlocked when using the restroom or shower.
        - Engrave personal items like appliances and electronics. These are high theft items on campus.
        - Lock bicycles at all times with a hard lock. Cable locks can be easily cut with a bolt cutter.


        - Be aware of your surroundings when walking to prevent a falls.
        - Weather specific footwear can help prevent against slips, trips, and falls.
        - Proper nutrition is important to prevent collapse, especially in times of stress.
        - If you are not feeling well, consider staying home to recuperate.


  • Parking Registration – Faculty, Staff and Students

    The security department issues parking permits to students, faculty and staff. It is important that all students, faculty and staff complete the parking registration process so that in the event we need to identify the owner of a car we can access that information through our registration database. The registration process also helps us identify cars that are parked in restricted areas or cars that don’t belong to students, faculty or staff. By displaying a valid Rhodes State or Ohio State University – Lima parking sticker it makes the process of identifying the owners of cars much simpler. The security department encourages all students, faculty and staff to utilize the Rhodes State or OSU-Lima parking stickers on their vehicles. Click here to download the Vehicle Registration Form. 


  • Lost and Found

    The security department operates the campus lost and found department. Items found on campus that are turned into the security office are logged and secured. Items will remain in the lost and found area for 60 days after which they will be donated if appropriate or destroyed if they contain personal information. Items where the owner can be readily identified will be returned to the owner upon satisfactorily identification being presented to security. Persons losing things on campus are encouraged to check with campus security to see if the item has been turned in.


  • Parking Cars and Directing Traffic

    From time to time the campus security department, along with assistance from outside Law Enforcement Agencies, directs the flow of traffic into and out of campus. The security department appreciates the students, faculty and staff being patient when traffic sometimes backs up. The security department works hard to try and get people into campus on time and to direct them to areas of the campus where parking is available. The security department understands that some students have to walk a rather long way to get to class but they need to realize that there are only a certain number of spaces available at one time. We also appreciate those students, faculty and staff who follow the campus parking regulations and park within the designated parking spots. Those who don’t park within the marked spots are subject to being issued a campus parking ticket.

    Displaying your Rhodes State or OSU-Lima parking sticker on the passenger side of the windshield allows the officers to more easily identify staff, faculty, students and visitors. We encourage those students, staff, faculty and visitors with handicap placards to display them when on campus which also allows the officers to direct those persons to the appropriate parking spaces on campus.


  • Patrol Lots and Buildings

    The campus security department makes regular rounds throughout the campus buildings and parking areas looking for suspicious activity and/or students, faculty and staff that may be in need of assistance. If you need assistance in finding a particular building, classroom or office please don’t hesitate to ask a security officer. They should be able to direct you to the proper location.


  • Implementation of Emergency procedures

    The campus security department is sometimes called upon to implement emergency procedures. The security department appreciates the students, faculty and staffs cooperation during one of these emergency procedures. During an emergency you are encouraged to follow the instruction of the Security Officers, the Building Coordinators or the Floor Team Leaders. These people have received training in implementing the campus emergency procedures. Failure to follow the instruction may result in disciplinary action for the student, faculty and or staff.


  • Respond to all Medical Emergencies

    The security department will respond to all medical emergencies on campus. There are members of the security department who are trained in CPR and or First Aid and can provide assistance to someone in need. The campus security department also works closely with the Bath Fire Department EMS to provide additional care and transportation to a local hospital if needed.


  • Investigation of Offenses/suspicious activities

    The campus security department investigates potential offenses and suspicious activities that occur on campus. They also work with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Allen County Sheriff Office in investigating possible criminal activity on campus.


  • Campus Incident Reports

    The campus security department will complete campus incident reports for incidents that occur on campus. The victim may also report any incident to the Allen county Sheriff’s Office or the Ohio State Highway Patrol.


  • Private Property Crash Reports

    The campus security department will complete private property crash reports for non-injury crashes that occur on campus. If there are any injuries to anyone involved the campus security department will refer the crash to the Ohio State Highway Patrol or the Allen County Sheriff’s office for reporting