Credit-by-Exam Testing

Credit by examination enables students with previous education, experience or self-study to receive credit for some courses. Credit for a maximum of ten (10) semester hours may be earned in this way. A fee of $25 per credit hour is assessed for each examination taken. Students may not receive credit by examination for courses they have failed. Also, these examinations cannot be taken during the semester of the student’s graduation.

To obtain credit by examination, students should obtain an application, contact their advisor and then secure the approval of the Division Dean/Chair. The examination should be completed immediately prior to the start of the semester in which the course is normally taught or at a time specified by the Division Dean/Chair. The application is available from the Office of Advising, PS 148, or appropriate Dean’s Office.

The examinations will be comprehensive enough to represent the content of a course just as it is presented to a regular student. Upon completion of the exam, the results will be reviewed by the Division Dean. If the results indicate sufficient mastery of the course material, the Division Dean will recommend that credits earned by examination become part of the student’s permanent record. This procedure is also available for students who audit a course but later decide to seek full credit.

The most commonly requested courses which offer a credit-by-exam option include:
CPT 1040 and CPT 1060

Please see the Office of Advising or the appropriate Dean’s Office for more information.

Please read the Testing Standards for more information.