Testing Standards

Testing Conditions

  • Testing Center hours of operation are posted for each semester.
  • Appointments are NOT necessary for standard instructional make-up testing.
  • Appointments ARE REQUIRED for COMPASS, Pearson VUE, credit-by-exam, accommodations, and ATI testing, and non-Rhodes State proctoring.
  • The Testing Area is a reduced distraction testing environment. Please enter and exit the Testing Area quietly. There is no talking in the Testing Area.
  • During busy times, the tester may experience a delay being seated for their test. We ask that testers be considerate and respectful to our staff as they complete the process.

Tester Responsibilities

  • The responsibility to have tests sent to our department lies between instructors and students, higher education institutions and students, or employers and employees. Testers must remember to allow enough time for tests to reach us and be processed. When tests are not in our file for the tester, the tester needs to follow-up with the test provider (employer, college, or instructor).
  • A Rhodes State College student ID is required for all Rhodes State College Students. Other testers must follow ID requirements as listed by the testing providers. Placement test takers may provide any government issued photo ID.
    Rhodes State College Student IDs are available in the Security office in TL 140. If no one is in the office, call 7499 from any campus phone at no charge or 419-995-7499 from your cell phone for assistance.
  • We honor the expiration dates on all tests and will not administer them until we have received either email or in-person approval from the test provider. The tester should contact their test provider immediately.
  • Testers MUST finish all testing by closing time. The proctor will issue a reminder 15 minutes prior to closing. Students must give up their test at closing time, finished or not.
  • No one except the tester taking a test is permitted in the Testing Area. Others need to wait outside of the Testing Center. No children are allowed to be left unattended in the Testing Center.
  • Once tests are started the student is not permitted to leave the testing area, except for medical reasons, emergencies, or sudden illness. If there are known specific medical reasons the proctor should be made aware of them.
  • Only permitted testing materials, as designated by the test provider, may enter the Testing Area. Coats, hats, purses, wallets, electronic devices, and all other personal items must be secured in lockers. Absolutely no food or drink is permitted in the Testing Area. Any tester found using materials not indicated on the test instructions or are prohibited by the Testing Center will have their tests terminated. Depending on the prohibited material used, a photocopy may be taken to send to the test provider, along with the confiscated test and an explanation of situation.
    Calculators, if permitted by the test provider, will be inspected before being used in the Testing Area. Any notes, unless permitted by the test provider will not be allowed. User cards created by the calculator manufacturer will be permitted. Any “cheat sheets” (notes) found in the calculator will be confiscated, the test provider will be notified, and a note will be placed on the tester’s record in the Testing Center. Repeat offenses may result in a tester not being permitted to use the Testing Center’s services.
  • Testers must return all testing materials, including scrap paper, to the proctor.
  • The Testing Center reserves the right to refuse testing to any disruptive tester. The proctor will file a report and copy it to the appropriate authority (Administrator, instructor, and/or security) as the reason would dictate.
  • All testers must leave the area for just cause; i.e. fire drills, ordered school closings, whether or not tests are completed. Safety for all is not a request, it is a demand. Testing Center staff will notify Security (8499 – the emergency number) if there are any problems having testers vacate the premises.
    Procedures will be followed by the Testing Center staff to notify the test provider with the reason for the disruption of the test. It is recommended that the tester notify the test provider as well.
  • Dishonesty, in any form, will not be tolerated. Violations by Rhodes State College students will be communicated to the Academic Integrity Council. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Having prohibited materials in the testing area.
  • Attempting to take exams not assigned to that student’s class.
  • Attempting to take tests not available to that student.
  • Attempting to take tests available to another student, but not themselves.
  • Presenting forged identification.