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Preparing for Your Tutor Session

 Your Responsibility

  1. You are responsible for attending classes. Our tutors will not help you get notes or material that you missed.
  2. You are responsible for preparing for your tutoring session ahead of time. This includes reading and doing your assignments in advance, reviewing your class notes and preparing questions for your tutor.
  3. You are responsible for attending all scheduled tutoring appointments and when you must miss an appointment, you are responsible for contacting the center ahead of time. Never, just fail to show up. Twenty four hour notice, when available, is requested.
  4. Remember, your tutor is not the instructor. Tutors are very helpful in getting across ideas that you may not have understood in class. They can help with suggestions on how to study the material.
  5. If problems arise during your tutoring session, first attempt to work them out with your tutor. If that does not help, both you and the tutor should see the tutor coordinator together to try and resolve the problem.

In order to maximize the benefits of tutoring, there are a few basic steps to take before attending tutoring sessions.

  • Attend all class meetings. Attending class provides exposure to course material. Your tutor cannot help you if you are not familiar with material your instructor is covering. Tutors are not instructors!
  • Know class assignments and teacher instructions. Knowing assignments and instructions gives you an idea of what you should be working on. Your tutor will be better able to help and time will not be wasted determining on what you should work on. Bring your syllabus.
  • Have assignments completed and material studied before tutoring sessions. This includes reading text, reviewing class notes, and preparing questions for you tutor. you will make the most of your time and your tutor’s time if you have prepared in advance.
  • Bring appropriate materials (book, paper, handouts, calculator, etc.) to tutoring sessions. Before your tutoring session, make sure you have everything you will need to cover the material with which you are seeking help.

Students who are prepared for tutoring sessions will realize the greatest benefits of the service and most will find they also become better students.

Ultimately, success depends not on our tutor or your instructor, but on you.