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February 05, 2018
Industrial Motor Drives Training 2018

Rhodes State College, in conjunction with the West Central Ohio Manufacturing Consortium (WCOMC) and Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) will offer Industrial Motor Drives training February 5 to April 18.

Under this program, you will complete a series of computer-based training modules and apply them to 3-4 hour hands-on training labs at Rhodes State.  There are four modules in the program:

Module 1 – AC & DC Motors, VFDs, Relays and Ladder Logic

Module 2 – Servo Motors, Relays & Starters, Acceleration & Deceleration Methods

Module 3 – Intro to PLCs, PLC Hardware, Numbering Systems & Codes, PLC Inputs & Outputs, Ladder Logic, PLC Math

Module 4 – Numbers, Codes & Data Types, PLC Communications, Inputs & Outputs, Ladder Diagram Programming, Timers & Counters

Discount to WCOMC members.

CLICK HERE for more information on the modules, dates of labs, registration and prices.

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