Rhodes State College Events

March 23, 2018
Rhodes State to Host High School Students for Annual Competition 2018

On Friday, March 23, from 9:30 a.m. to noon, junior and senior students from Apollo, Tri-Star, Ohio Hi-Point, and Millstream Career Centers will be on campus for the annual IT/ET (Information Technology/Engineering Technology) Day at Rhodes State College.

In addition to giving students the opportunity to interact with instructors who teach the various courses at Rhodes State, participants will experience:

  • Network Scavenger Hunt: Participants will search for various clues on several network devices. Clues will lead the user to other locations on the network, providing additional information. Along the way it may be necessary to correct network issues in order to proceed. A list of troubleshooting commands/tools will be provided well in advance of the competition. Winners of the event will be determined using a combination of lowest time, number of clues located and problems resolved.
  • Hill Climb:  Students will compete to scale the 55 degree incline in the fastest time by building a balanced vehicle with the correct gear ratio.
  • Tallest Tower Competition: Teams will compete to see who can build the tallest self-supporting tower with the materials provided.
  • Robotics Obstacle Course Challenge:  Students will design, build, and program a robot to navigate an obstacle course.  Students will use either autonomous robots or remote controlled during the competition.

Events will take place in the Countryman Engineering & Industrial Technology Building and the Keese Hall Multipurpose Center.

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