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November 11, 2018
Apprentices Paid While They Learn ~ limaohio.com


At Rhodes State College, the apprentices take two years worth of courses and earn either an associate’s degree in manufacturing engineering technology or in electronic engineering technology. They will also receive a State of Ohio Apprenticeship Completion Certificate.

“By these companies participating in these programs, these students are able to get the skills and become knowledgeable from the related instruction here at Rhodes State College,” said Kent Kahn, Rhodes State College executive director for workforce economic development and continuing education. “Companies are really developing outstanding employees, which is going to help them manufacture and produce excellent products, which benefits the companies in the long run and makes them profitable.”

Through the course work, apprentices learn how to create parts for companies, how to build control panels, how to connect different pieces of the assembly line and about welding and fabrication.

“They need students and employees who know how to troubleshoot and problem solve,” Meyer said. “Because once those pieces of equipment have been installed in their customer’s location, a lot of times the apprentices are the ones who go out and help fix the problem.”

Gerding said he really enjoys the courses that he takes at Rhodes State College because he can easily apply what he has learned.

“I think it puts everything that you learn in a classroom together,” Gerding said. “There are things that I’m learning at Rhodes, and they teach you everything in the book and then I come here and use the same principles.”

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