Rhodes State College News

November 21, 2013
Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel Visits Rhodes State

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel said programs like the Mitsubishi Training Center at Rhodes State College are important because they help train Ohioans in technical and blue-collar jobs. On Thursday, Mandel visited the Training Center, spoke with instructors and talked about the need to encourage the younger generation to consider manufacturing trades. “I look around as the baby boomers are retiring and I look at younger generations in Ohio and in America. I think there is a shortage of Ohioans and Americans who can operate machines and make things with their hands,” Mandel said. “I think we should be investing state resources in programs like this,” he said. The Mitsubishi Training Center is the result of a collaborative effort between Rhodes State and Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. to create Ohio’s only Certified Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Training Center. The center trains incumbent workers on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interface (HMI). PLCs are often used when a piece of machinery needs to perform repetitive and or sequential tasks. Dr. Matthew J. Kinkley, Executive Director Workforce, Economic Development and Continuing Education at Rhodes State, said there are more than 10,000 Mitsubishi PLCs being used in the surrounding eight-county region. The Training Center allows workers to get the needed PLC training locally, instead of travelling to Mitsubishi’s headquarters in Illinois.

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