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September 26, 2018
Rhodes State College Hosting Knowledge Transfer Workshop

(Lima, September 24, 2018) Rhodes State College, the West Central Ohio Manufacturing Consortium (WCOMC) and Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is hosting a Knowledge Transfer Workshop on Wednesday, September 26, from 8:00 am to 12 noon at Rhodes State College, Keese Multipurpose Center. This dynamic workshop is designed to help employers facing “Baby Boomer” retirements plan a successful succession plan. Diane Thielfoldt, with Learning Café returns to share her proven techniques and materials with participants.

Workshop Details: Organizations have long recognized that the knowledge and experience of employees constitutes a valuable, intangible asset. Participants will learn how to implement formal and informal knowledge sharing activities to help their company identify critical at-risk knowledge and expertise. In this interactive workshop, participants will use activities and how-to exercises to learn the six-step knowledge transfer process, and create a learning climate within their organization so everyone feels welcome to share their expertise and their knowledge.

BIO: Diane Thielfoldt, Learning Strategist and Co-Founder, the Learning Café. Diane partners with clients to create custom learning solutions that produce business results and support personal growth. She specializes in designing, developing and facilitating training on the changing workforce, knowledge transfer, leadership and mentoring. Prior to launching The Learning Café, her career encompassed leadership roles with McGraw-Hill, TRW, Bausch & Lomb and Xerox in sales, marketing, communications and the design, development and delivery of learning programs.

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