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December 11, 2015
Rhodes State to Host 39 High Schools at Twelfth Annual Career Day

Lima, OH, December 11, 2015 – Rhodes State College is hosting Career Day 2015 today, Friday, December 11. Career Day is an annual half-day event intended to provide high school students in Northwest Ohio an opportunity to explore 38 college and career-related sessions. This year, 1,937 junior/senior-level students from 39 high schools from seven Ohio counties start their day on campus at 9:30 a.m.


Rhodes State’s Career Day differs from a traditional career fair in that it offers information through sessions, rather than with booths or exhibits. Students register in advance and attend three different career sessions led by area professionals on Career Day. Each 30-minute session provides an opportunity for Northwest Ohio students to learn about the education and skills needed to enter and be successful in a specific career and/or industry from professionals first hand. 


Professional presenters are encouraged to develop seminars highlighting career interests indicated on student surveys. Presenters are encouraged to discuss their own level of education, the skills they use regularly on the job, an overview of their typical day, and provide time for questions and answers.


“Career Day is a unique opportunity for high school students to not only explore careers of interest presented by academic and industry professionals, but to navigate a college campus, many for the first time, and learn more about Rhodes State College,” said Krista Richardson, Director of Career Services for Rhodes State College.


For more information contact Lisa Goldstone, Director, Marketing & College Relations at 567-242-5975 or goldstone.l@RhodesState.edu.



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