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December 19, 2012
Rhodes State College honors the memories of the students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary

Message from the President:

Our hearts and prayers go out to the parents, children, teachers, first responders and the entire Newtown, Connecticut community. There are no words that can be spoken or thoughts that make sense of the horrendous acts, incomprehensible tragedy and nightmare that erupted in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As we join the Nation to mourn that great tragedy and that great loss of innocent life this weekend, I want to assure everyone that campus safety at Rhodes State College is a top priority. Our campus has numerous options available for students and personnel who may find themselves at a crossroads or crisis.

Campus counselors are available to help, and for concerns about your own security or an individual's behavior, call Security (8499) from any campus phone or (419) 995-8499 from an outside phone.

In such difficult times, we all turn to that which will provide comfort: profound faith, the love of family, and community expressions of sorrow, and hope for healing.

Debra L. McCurdy, President

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