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May 15, 2019
Professor Steve Stiles, at Rhodes State College receives Cisco Networking Academy’s Regional Award 2019

(Lima, Ohio) This spring, the Cisco Networking Academy recognized Steve Stiles, Assistant Professor for Information & Emerging Technology at Rhodes State, as the United States and Canada Regional Spotlight Quarter 2 Award winner. Stiles and six internationally honored counterparts, representing Asia Pacific, Africa, Central & Eastern Europe, Greater China, Latin America and Northern/Southern Europe regions received this distinguished honor. “This award exemplifies Steve’s leadership, commitment, and contributions to Cisco Networking, and to his students, instructors and the academy,” said Interim President, Dr. Cynthia E. Spiers.

For the past 18 years, Steve Stiles has incorporated his expertise in computer networking and network security with Rhodes State. Steve is a Certified Cisco Academy Instructor and Qualified Cisco Academy Instructor trainer, both of which require regular extensive training and re-certification. Steve is a popular instructor whom students admire for his impressive mastery of the subject matter and was previously recognized as an Outstanding Faculty Member.“ My goal is to make certain that when our students enter the workforce, they have the necessary skills required by employers,” said Steve. “Being in the technology field, we are constantly undergoing change. I really enjoy the challenge, and that is what drives me. It is an honor to be recognized.”

The Cisco Networking Academy Regional Spotlight Award recognizes instructors, academies, and partners for their leadership, commitment, and contributions that go-above-and-beyond expectations. The award is presented each quarter celebrating the recipients’ impact on the Networking Academy community. Candidates for this award are nominated and selected by members of Networking Academy regional teams. Along with recognition in Newsletters, recipients of the Award receive a letter of recognition and a certificate to commemorate their achievements. Cisco Networking Academy partners with over 22,000 instructors and institutions worldwide to develop and deliver a curriculum that gives students the digital, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills they need to get a job, earn a promotion or start a business of their own.

Regional Spotlight Award recipients:

  • The United States and Canada: Steve Stiles – Rhodes State College, Ohio – United States
  • Asia Pacific: Pichika Ravi Kiran - Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology
  • Africa: Makerere University – Uganda
  • Africa: Makerere University – Uganda
  • Central and Eastern Europe – Russia: Almut Leykauff-Bothe, Multimedia Berufsschule Hannover (MMBBS) – Germany
  • Greater China: Chunrong Zhang – Chengdu Polytechnic – P.R. China
  • Latin America: Junior Achievement Colombia - Colombia
  • Northern and Southern Europe: Net School – Italy; Vicente Tatay – Aula Mentor – Spain
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