Our Pledge to Students

Rhodes State College will establish a semester conversion plan which promotes a working partnership with students to ensure that they are not disadvantaged during their transition to semesters. For that reason, each degree/certificate-seeking student enrolled at Rhodes State prior to Fall 2012 shall receive the following Pledge from Rhodes State:

  • No Loss of CreditCredits earned by you in your chosen program before the semester conversion will be applied after the conversion.
  • No Extended Time to GraduationIf you are on track to complete your degree within a certain timeframe at the point of semester conversion and follow your Individual Transitioning Academic Plan (ITAP), you will be able to complete your degree and graduate on time.
  • No Increased CostsYour annual tuition and fees will not be greater for a two-semester academic year than for the three-quarter academic year system. Please note that the College may implement annual tuition increases as authorized by the Board of Trustees.

Our Pledge to Students is established on a set of expectations for both the College and the students. The following expectations shall serve as the basis for honoring the Pledge:

Rhodes State College will:

  • provide appropriate and accessible advising resources to assist each qualifying student in developing an ITAP that defines a path toward degree completion; and
  • provide instructional resources and courses needed by the student to complete the ITAP, and/or a revised plan to accommodate for the needed course.

The qualifying student will:

  • work with an appropriate advisor to complete and sign-off on the ITAP that will be maintained as a part of the student’s record; and
  • understand that the Pledge will be honored only if the student:
  • meets with an appropriate College advisor and completes an ITAP,
  • follows the prescribed ITAP as agreed upon,
  • maintains continuous enrollment, and
  • achieves passing grades in all assigned ITAP courses.