Paramedic Certificate

Gainful Employment Disclosure: Emergency Medical Training-Paramedic

Students interested in the Paramedic Certificate must be certified as an Ohio EMT. Students completing the Paramedic certificate are able to:

  • Meet requirements to take the National Registry Paramedic examination.

  • Perform all duties of the Paramedic.

  • Initiate full cardiac monitoring, endotracheal intubation, perform manual defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion, perform appropriate drug therapy, relieve tension pneumothorax and perform crico-thyrotomy when authorized by a medical director.

Course #Course TitleCredit Hrs
EMS-2210 Paramedic I 13
EMS-2215 Paramedic Clinical 2.5
EMS-2220 Paramedic II 13
EMS-2225 Paramedic Field Experience 2.5
Total Required Credit Hours 31