Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Social Science Department provides courses in the areas of sociology and psychology to meet program accreditation requirements and community needs. Courses are designed to teach students how to evaluate and analyze ideas; specifically those ideas related to human behavior, group dynamics and societies. To this end, the department encourages an intellectually stimulating, judgment-free environment in which issues related to the social sciences can be openly discussed and debated.

In support of both the divisional and college mission, the department challenges students to be active learners in the educational process, and facilitates personal cultural enrichment for membership in democratic society.

Social and Behavioral Sciences contributes courses toward the Ohio Transfer Module and Transfer Assurance Guide in Social and Behavioral Sciences and toward fulfillment of the Social and Behavioral Science distribution requirements within the Associate of Arts and Associate of Sciences Degrees or completion requirements of Applied Degrees.

Courses provided by Social and Behavior Sciences include:

  • PSY-1010 General Psychology
  • PSY-1730 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-2150 Lifespan Psychology
  • PSY-2200 Social Psychology
  • PSY-2301 Educational Psychology
  • SOC-1010 Sociology
  • SOC-1200 Death and Dying
  • SOC-1210 Family Sociology
  • SOC-1320 Cultural Diversity
  • SOC-2300 Social Problems