Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental, health and safety issues are growing concerns for many types of fields including manufacturing, environmental consulting, environmental monitoring, transportation, parks and forest agencies, construction companies, environmental restoration, and any other operation where the environment or workers are exposed to possible harm. As more emphasis is placed on the welfare of our natural environment and on the health and safety of individuals in the workplace, this has influenced the trend toward jobs with an environmental, health or safety function. The completion of the Environmental, Health and Safety Technology major will prepare students to apply skills in science, communication, health issues, environmental compliance and workplace safety. Specific areas of study include: collecting soil and water samples, air monitoring, managing cleanup activities, complying with environmental, health and safety regulations, making recommendations concerning solid and hazardous wastes and performing laboratory tests. The program has been developed with ongoing input from an advisory committee of industry and environmental services experts to ensure the curriculum includes the knowledge and skills needed in business and industry. As a graduate of Rhodes State College’s Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Program, students will have the needed qualifications to meet the needs of both the public and private sectors as they face increasing regulatory demands for protection of the environment and assurances of the health and safety of workplace employees.

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