One Year Maintenance Certificate

Gainful Employment Disclosure: Maintenance 1Yr

Applications for this certificate can be obtained in the Division of IT/ET Office (JJC 102). Please do not apply for a certificate until you have completed all required courses with a grade of “C” or better.

Prerequisites may be required for courses listed for each certificate.  Please consult the course description section of the college catalog or see your advisor.

Course #Course TitleCredit Hrs
Math Elective (minimum 3 credits)
IMT-1921 Technical Math II 3
MTH-1210 Mathematics I 3
MTH-1370 College Algebra 4
Drafting Elective (minimum 2 credits)
AMT-1040 Blueprint Reading/Schematics 2
IMT-1010 Mechanical/Electrical Print Reading 2
MET-1000 Eng Graphics with AutoCAD 4
MET-1010 Blueprint Reading & Sketching 3
MET-1050 CAD for Electronics 2
Electrical Elective (minimum 2 credits)
AMT-1070 Basic Electricity/Electronics 3
EET-1110 Circuit Analysis I 3
IMT-2080 Introduction to Electricity 2
IMT-2100 Electrical Equipment 2
IMT-2170 Electric Motor Controls 2
IMT-2260 Industrial Electronic Controls 3
Fluid Power Elective (minimum 2 credits)
AMT-2010  Electrohydraulics/Pneumatics 4
IMT-2400 Introduction to Fluid Power 2
IMT-2420 Hydraulic Sys. Applications 2
IMT-2620 Pneumatic Sys. Applications 2
MET-2310 Fluid Power 3
Mechanical Elective (minimum 2 credits)
AMT-1080 Mechanical Drive Systems 3
AMT-1100 Welding & Fabrication 3
AMT-1180 Tool & Gage Design 3
AMT-1200 Machine Tool Operations 3
IMT-2310 Machining Benchwork 2
IMT-2610 Welding I 2
IMT-2810 Machine Tools and Equipment 2
IMT-2820 Mech Power Transmissions 2
MET-1020 Material Science 3
MET-1110 Manufacturing Processes 3
Technical Elective (minimum 18 credits) 
AMT-1020 Preventive Maintenance 2
AMT-2030 Programmable Logic Controllers 4
AMT-2050 Robot Maintenance 3
AMT-2060 Controls & Instrumentation 3
AMT-2550 Fund. of Plumbing & Pipefitting 2
AMT-2970 Troubleshooting 3
EET-1120 Circuit Analysis II 3
EET-1130 Electronics 4
EET-1330 Digital Circuits 4
EET-2030 Motor Controls 3
EET-2310 Microcontroller Fundamentals 4
EET-2900 Electric Codes and Application 2
EET-2910 Programmable Controllers 3
FMS-2110 Basic Robotics & Mechatronics 3
FMS-2130 Ind. Mechatronics & Robotics 3


CAM/CNC Machining I 



CAM/CNC Machining II



Manual Machining I



Numerical Control Concepts 

IMT-2240    Programmable Controllers 2
IMT-2620 Welding II 2
IMT-2630 Welding III 2
IMT-2740 Advanced Refrigeration & HVAC 3
IMT-2750 Wastewater Treat. & Operation 2
IMT-2850 Power Plant Equipment 3
Field Experience (minimum 1 credit)
FMS-2980 Field Experience 1
MET-2980 Field Experience 1



Total Credit Hours 30