Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical engineering technicians help engineers design, develop, test and manufacture machinery, industrial robotics and other equipment. Practical (hands-on) learning experience is incorporated with typical, traditional principles and theories. Students in this major not only study the fundamentals, but also participate in opportunities to construct actual working product models for which they then test, record and analyze collected data.

The MET curriculum provides a head start to becoming a quality mechanical engineering technician. Students will learn how to make sketches and rough layouts, record data, tabulate calculations, analyze results and write informative reports. Those interested in the MET major should have an aptitude for mathematics, science and technical work. After completion of the coursework, the student will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Engineering Technology.

Opportunities are excellent for individuals who have completed a two-year program in engineering technology. Completion of the MET major prepares the graduate for entry into today’s industrial world in a number of job classifications such as design technicians, detailers, draftsmen, engineering technicians, lab technicians, metallurgical technicians, quality control technicians, troubleshooters and test technicians.

Graduates of the MET major have the solid engineering foundation needed to continue on to a bachelors degree in engineering technology and eventually become a licensed Professional Engineer pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code.

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