Operations Excellence Technology

The Operations Excellence Technology (OET) program is an online program about improving processes through people. Building trust and empowering organizations to make great improvements starts with personal enrichment and leadership. The program will take students on a personal journey of improving their leadership, management, and interpersonal skills using an inside-out approach towards excellence. Students will learn may different tools of operational excellence used to get short term gains in safety, quality, delivery and cost. These tools represent many of the industrial engineering (lean manufacturing) tools such as standard work, flow, pull and 6S (organization and cleanliness) used to eliminate process wastes. The students will go beyond tools to get a better understanding about long-term results and how to achieve those using systems to drive cultural change and improvement. Ultimately, the student gains a deep understanding of principles that are universal, timeless and self-evident to have true cultural transformation.

Operations Excellence is a growing field as student of the program will have the ability to get jobs not only in manufacturing, but in healthcare, education, services, banking/finance, government, agriculture, and beyond. Culture is a major part of every industry and organization. Operational excellence takes on the culture to transform behaviors created in the industrial age to principle centered behaviors in a new knowledge worker age. It is expected that the knowledge worker age will out-produce the industrial age fifty times. This program will teach and mentor the student on how to implement such changes that have a profound performance impact on industries and organizations.

This is a combination of the Industrial Engineering Technology and Quality Engineering Technology programs.