Admissions and Eligibility

Admission is open to all applicants, with the exception of international students on an F-1 visa.  Some academic programs have additional requirements that must be completed prior to actually beginning the program.  You must meet certain course completion or test score requirements to show that you are academically ready for classes. College Readiness Indicators are assessment thresholds to guarantee “remediation free” status at any public post-secondary institution in Ohio.  A student who meets or exceeds the following thresholds will be deemed as remediation free and eligible to enroll in a college credit‐bearing course at any of Ohio’s public institution of higher education.

  • ACT English Sub Score 18
  • ACT Reading Sub Score 22 or Accuplacer Reading Scale Score 80
  • ACT Mathematics Sub Score 22 or Accuplacer-College Level Math Score 55

The College Credit Plus Program at Rhodes State College is designed to allow Ohio Students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. To participate, a student must:

  1. Secure the permission of his/her parents or legal guardian and a high school official
  2. Meet the Rhodes State College Admissions Requirements
  3. Meet any establish prerequisites
  4. Complete and submit the required materials:
  • Rhodes State College Credit Plus Admissions Application
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Standardized test results

Note:  Not all courses require an ACT or Accuplacer Test Score.  For course descriptions & prerequisite information please see the Rhodes State College Catalog.