Our Partnership With DDI

The USO – Talent Development Network center at Solutions, etc… and Development Dimensions International (DDI) both work with some of the most respected organizations to achieve superior business results by building engaged, high performing workforces. We have certified facilitators on staff to bring DDI’s proven leadership, workforce, and customer service training to your organization.

DDI Training products

Interaction Management®: Tactics and Strategies for Effective Leadership—Develop skills of first and second-level leaders who need to improve their day-to-day interactions and handle specific business challenges.

Leadership Development for Health Care—Turn your managers into leaders who will coach and lead staff through such daily issues as conflicts on the job, change, and performance improvement.

Techniques for a High Performance Workforce®—Prepare people to take charge of their own performance, help them work in teams, and build analysis skills and business acumen.

Service Plus®—Help participants learn how to create loyal customers through exceptional service and an environment that supports a service culture.

Service Plus® Health Care—Develop the skills to ensure that patients and other customers are satisfied with and feel good about the service they receive.

Results you can expect

  • Better Retention
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Greater ROI for your Training Investment

These programs are thoroughly proven to build specific, job-critical competencies and to promote positive behavior changes that lead to better job performance. They are offered in-house at your company location at times convenient for your employees. Funding dollars may be available to help reduce the cost of training.

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