Partnering Success

The 314 bed hospital facility sought ISO 9001 registration to show their commitment to quality, but they knew they could improve if they could consistently improve.

Working through Solutions, etc… from the Workforce and Economic Development Division of Rhodes State College, St. Luke’s Hospital developed a training plan that had it all:

       (1) improved processes

       (2) improved measurements

       (3) improved personnel.

Phase One – Process Mapping

Phase Two – Project Improvements

Phase Three – Project Management

Each course was developed to train 15 personnel in the Lean/Six Sigma improvement structure and quality tools.  Not only does the class improve their knowledge and introduce new techniques, but a hospital process is selected to define and improve.

The Results:

        (1) Morning Lab results increased on-time delivery by 46%.

        (2) Increased insurance collections

        (3) Improved cardboard shipping carton process

        (4) Decreased delivery time of transportation services.

You are invited to learn about this project at Rhodes State College,

Reed Hall Room 160 , on Monday October 12, 2009   7 – 8:30 pm

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